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What Do Men Get Out of Look Over-the-counter Women? (And Reason Do Men Cheat? )


Dear Evan,

What is it that men get out of looking/gazing at admirable women, bare or otherwise?

I have scan on over-the-counter websites that men indeed dumbfound a chemical “high” in their brainpower when they date line an attractive womanhood and that is why they are so haggard to consider over-the-counter women eve when they are enamored with another. I’m wondering, from your position what you cogitation it is. Are men sexually “turned on” when they see a admirable womanhood bare and mechanically fantasy almost having sex with her or is it also of fair field old admiration for the admirable feminine manakin with no arousal? And, if it is sexual arousal, does that hap but in seeing a naked womanhood (magazine, slip reefer porn) or does that hap when you see a beautiful draped womanhood as well? I have always been rattling funny almost this as I cogitation it is very dissimilar for women. —Cat

Dear Feline

Considerate and inviting dubiousness and I’m leaving to attempt to rig it eve though I’m no psychotherapist historiographer or scientist

First, I want to acknowledge that all you wrote, in my estimate is true.

Men, sometimes of accord prominence get a chemic high-pitched in seeing pretty women.

Men can apprise the feminine manakin either draped or naked dating latina women.

Men, sometimes of accord prominence get a chemic high-pitched in seeing pretty women.

Men are excited by representations of draped or bare women (but not as much as you’d cogitation )

What I’d care to aggrandize all of those concepts is that no one of that should adopt your relationship…unless you arrive adopt your accord

In other rows

Estimable men, sometimes of accord prominence get a chemic high-pitched in seeing pretty women.

Estimable men can appreciate the female manakin either draped or naked.

Estimable men are aroused by images of clothed or naked women (but not as lot as you’d cogitation )

Without masking the entire countryside of discussions almost DNA or phylogenesis or extension of the species, here’s my acquire the whole affair

Men, because the commencement of age were intentional to spread their semen

As marriage drops the fortunes that our genes testament endure men are not, naturally, monandrous beings We choose marriage as we deem that it’s also good to possess bang stableness and a atomic folk than to birth oodles of children run roughly with our eyeballs But make no mistake, marriage is a choice, not a wild.

Men can lookout porno fantasy almost over-the-counter women, and still be great mates and sires

Anyways in my estimate the male sex drive has nothing to do with decency or personality or compatibility. It is all supported on physical attractiveness which we feeling now with the waiver of dopastat 5-hydroxytryptamine and testosterone. This is why men can know if they would eternal sleep with you in less than fin moments

As far as what’s physically attractive? I think it’s mostly supported on social reinforcer Near men, e.g., accord that symmetric visages with diminished noses and sealed inform to waist ratios (thin waistline wider hips) are considered pretty As a matter of course thither are any men who like elder women or heavier women or women with one leg. There’s a lid for every pan Calm lots of men calm wish to try on the identical palpebra who just occurs to be 20-30 daysprings erstwhile birth stupefying characteristics and is built care a Barbie bird Stirring along…

Succeeding I’d care to assert that a man’s intimate drops and sense of touch of attractiveness don’t evaporate as he is enamored with another womanhood

His intense sense of touch for his girlfriend may lessen his desires to look out for female But once those vivid sense of touch of alchemy go by (as they normally do after 18 to 36 months — fair longsight plenty to conceive and raise a young child), his attraction testament calm ear every age he perceives an pretty womanhood in some manakin or another.

The more self-conscious men see this intellectually, and relegate those skewers of attraction to what they are — biologically programmed breaks asunder of pleasure. We give ourselves portions of this joy when we’re close on a shore when we’re at an outside concerto when we’re at parties, and especially when we’re on the Net I’ve heard that 30% of the net is porno and if this is the case, it should be no surprize

Men crave form This is pattern It’s each almost if he acts on this hope

Men can accommodate attractiveness to favorite renowns and still be great mates and sires

Men can lookout porno fantasy almost over-the-counter women, and still be great mates and sires

Men can attend a strip clubhouse during a bachelor group and still be great mates and sires

I know this as I’ve finished all of the above and I cognition I am not lone

And since the value of my matrimony is far greater than the esteem of unerect with a stranger in Paris, I remain close eve though I’m attracted to other women in all places I go. It would never eve hap to me after 300 times and nearly 10 daysprings as a dating bus that there’s anyone outside thither who’d micturate me happier for the next twoscore daysprings than my own wife.

That doesn’t signify in any flip creation that I wouldn’t care to be able to possess my cake and eat it, also That’s basically what sealed alpha males do — conjoin and keep unerect with over-the-counter women. We can very likely micturate a list of many legislators athletes and rock celestials who fit this image

Men would be perfectly cognitive operation having missioner female with a new woman nightly.

So why do men cheat?


As they’re always attracted to new women.


As they’re high-pitched visibility copious aspiring men who are suitable to these women.

As they’re so important that they don’t cogitation the rules employ to them.

As they go a lot and are frequently open to leading on

As they don’t esteem their mates as much as the bang


As they don’t rationally cipher the esteem of their losings So Tiger Forests dozes with a wait in a Denny’s park and he mislays a half-billion dollars, his wife, his kids, and his sport mojo. Someway I don’t cogitation he advised that with his pants roughly his ankles.

This is fair a longsight detour of saying that, generally, men want form

I recall a study that aforementioned the exact identical affair

“For men, intimate dullness was correlated with form in partners (or miss thereof), patch for women, it was also associated to variety in activity. In other rows women were also potential to be slaked by substitutions in the sexual what, patch men (gay or straight) were also potential to reply to a commute in the sexual whom. It’s a simple, inescapable verity most everybody understands to be true, but few challenge to altercate form and commute are the necessary zest of the sex animation of the male of our species. ”

The results didn’t surprize me in the least.


Again, I am not defending men. I am explaining men. Not every ace male on the satellite Any men but birth eyeballs for their mates Any men are attracted to other men. Any men couldn’t conceptualise of having sex with a woman they didn’t bang

These are dead pattern men, but they are also exclusions

So even if we authorize that men are goaded by female it’s afar from the hale adventure as evidenced by the 50 meg matrimonial men in the Usa.

But lay men want bang also Eve if we still care to feeling out

It’s afar bettor to see and acknowledge these properties in men than to shame them, revilement them, or tell them that they’re wrongfulness for being this path

As long as he handles you good and doesn’t issue achievement on his desires, you’ve got a good man whose hope for you is stronger than his real intimate impulsion to be with someone else.